Securityhack, September 13-14, 2017, applications NOW ->August 30

Security Hack sign up is open until August 30. Solve the first challenge hidden in the .jpg file (dropbox-link only, not the jpg in this article) and signup! Prize 2000 euros ! | Tietoturvahackathon 13.-14.9., alkukilpailu on auki NYT! Osallistu 31.7. mennessä löytämällä piilotettu koodi alla olevasta dropbox-linkistä (tämän artikkelin kuvassa ei tuota linkkiä ole). Pääpalkinto 2000 €!

We are proud to introduce the next big Hackathon in the serie of Industrial Hackathons. Information security is an issue constantly in debate, and we want to test the security level of some SMEs (and of course they also want itJ).

The companies whose IT systems are to be tested are ordinary Finnish SMEs, and we offer a secure environment, almost a lab level, as a test platform. The participants will have to Break in the factory network and sensor data, and try to falsify data.

They may also try to capture and use sensors and machines to something else than production, or

Break the factory network and try to get to another network. And if the participants find vulnerabilities in the network, systems or sensors, they may introduce corrective solutions to them.

If you want to participate in this breaking hack, you have to find the link in the attached photo here: and follow the link to apply, by no later than August 30, at 6 pm (+2 GMT), 2017.  If you succeed in the task and are approved, you are invited in the Final on September 13-14,2017 in Mikkeli, Finland. If you find travelling impossible, you may also participate from any location, because after all you only need your pc or laptop to take part. We accept primarily teams of 2-4 persons, but as an exception of the rule we reserve the right to also take in individuals.

You are most welcome to send this invitation further to developers and hackmakers!

 The winners of the Security Hack get

2000 euros

Info:/Lisätietoja: Kimmo Haapea, +358 440 361 613

  • Xinno, XAMK Kampus Mikkeli


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