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City of Mikkeli as a place for business

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Investment opportunities in Mikkeli region

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International projects and project partnerships

Eight business reasons for Mikkeli

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Clean environment

According to UNESCO, tap water in Finland is the cleanest in the world. EPI index nominates Finland as the worlds cleanest and greenest country. World Health Organization states Finland has the worlds cleanest air. Turn your attention from a single indicator to the whole package. We are proudly environmentally sustainable.

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Strong forestry sector

Forest growth in South Savo region is 9 million cubic meters per year. Forestry and wood processing is the largest business sector in the area. Many global success stories, such as UPM, Metsä Group, Stora Enso, Metso and Ponsse, have succeeded globally – from Finland.

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High-quality education

Constantly reaching high PISA average scores, the Finnish education system offers universal education for all citizens. According to OECD (2017), the highest performing graduates in Europe come from Finland.

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EU I support area

City of Mikkeli is Finlands southernmost EU I rural area. Due to our rural area status, we are able to offer up to 35% regional investment aid for incoming companies.

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Stable business environment

Globally among the most politically stable countries, Finland has neither earthquakes nor major floods or storms. The world bank ranks Finland among the 15 best business environments in the world.

High level R&D facilities

Southeastern University of Applied Sciences, LUT university, Helsinki University – all have campuses and/or research laboratories in Mikkeli. In addition, several other research institutes are based in town. We help your business to study, innovate and commercialize.

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Leisure & wellbeing

Lake Saimaa, where we are located, is Europe’s 4th largest freshwater area. With 10 500 holiday villas in Mikkeli alone, we are among Finlands topmost holiday areas.

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All forces harnessed to help you

As an administrative centre, Mikkeli has a multitude of of governmental and municipal actors. We have the ability to get people together, innovate and help you in solving business challenges.

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