Webinar – Current water supply projects in the Karelian region of Russia

Polokwanen delegaatio Mikkelissä marraskuussa 2019
Tapahtuma alkaa: 28.01. @ 09:00
Tapahtuma päättyy: 28.01 @ 11:35
Tapahtumapaikka: Webinaari
Ilmoittaudu viimeistään: 27.01.2021 Siirry tästä ilmoittautumiseen.

Several renovation projects for water and wastewater treatment plants are being launched in Russian Karelia during 2021, e.g. In Sortavala and Pitkäranta. In addition, industrial plants operating in the area also have a need to modernize their water treatment solutions. These projects require e.g. hardware suppliers and design offices. On January 28, 2021, we will organize a webinar where Russian and Finnish operators from different sectors will present their actions and experiences in Russian water and wastewater sector. Webinar is targeted to Finnish companies interested in the projects in Karelia, and organized in cooperation with Kuopio Water Cluster, Finnish Water Forum and Miksei Oy. 

Webinar schedule: 


Welcoming words and meeting agenda 

Eero Antikainen, Head of Research, Kuopio Water Cluster 

Topi Helle, CEO, Finnish Water Forum 

Andrey Ojanen, Managing Director, IWConsulting, Kuopio 


Experience of participation in international projects for the construction of water bodies in the Ladoga area 

Andrey Romanchik, General DirectorKarelvodokanal 


IWC’s general presentation, core objectives and business operations 

Andrey Ojanen, Managing Director, IWConsulting, Kuopio 

Mihail Chimirko, Marketing directorIWConsulting, Kuopio 


Russian Clean Water program and its implementation in Karelia 

Viktor Markov, Director of Russian Projects, IWConsulting, Petrozavodsk 


Water sector projects in Karelian budget sector 

Viktor Markov, Director of Russian Projects, IWConsulting, Petrozavodsk 


Water sector projects in Karelian industrial sector 

Viktor Markov, Director of Russian Projects, IWConsulting, Petrozavodsk 


NEFCO’s experience and financing possibilities in Karelian water and wastewater sector  

Vitaly Artyushchenko, Chief Investment Advisor, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) 


Finnish-Russian chamber of commerce – Support mechanisms for the Finnish environmental sector and a case example 

Jekaterina Lindberg, Business Advisor, Finnish-Russian chamber of commerce 

Elena Marina, Senior Advisor, Finnish-Russian chamber of commerce 


AFRY Group Finland O– experiences and strategies in Russia 

Kristian SahlstedtSection Manager 


Econet Group Oy – experiences and strategies in Russia 

Stanislav Kiselev, Regional Manager 


Comments and questions 


Closing of the event 

Eero Antikainen, Head of Research, Kuopio Water Cluster 

Topi Helle, CEO, Finnish Water Forum 

Panu Jouhkimo, Project Manager, Miksei Oy 

Additional information 

Petteri Laaksonen, R&D Specialist 

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email: petteri.laaksonen@savonia.fi