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City of Mikkeli, Finland, is a cozy town of 52.000 people located in the prime leisure area in Lakeland Finland.


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Thinking of purchasing or establishing a business in Mikkeli? Let us help you with our confidential and complimentary business advisory services.


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The city of Mikkeli offers a stable supply of workforce and lower fixed costs for companies thanks to its location onroute to Eastern Finland.


Travel to Mikkeli

 We have plenty of winter and summer activities and 10.500 holiday villas waiting for you on Lake Saimaa, Europe’s fourth largest freshwater area.

Lake Saimaa Purest Finland
MikseiMikkeli ryhmäkuva

We at Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd offer unbiased, confidential and complimentary business advisory services on behalf of the City of Mikkeli.


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