Mölnlycke invests 60 million euros in Mikkeli

The management of wound care product manufacturer Mölnlycke Health Care reports that its investment programme in the company’s Mikkeli factory will be completed in 2020. The programme, that has spanned over several years, has allocated a total of nearly 60 million euros in equipment and expansion investments.

The Mikkeli production facility is a prime example of how industrial employment can be increased in Finland. Two years ago, the factory had approximately 380 employees, whereas in 2019, the unit employs already 550 people.

Timo Saahko, Managing Director, affirms that the investments have picked up momentum as a result of high growth prospects.

“The coming years will be busy, and sizeable investments will be made during 2020. Older equipment will be replaced as the increased production rate focuses on advanced wound care products and Mölnlycke’s patented Safetac technology.”

According to Saahko, the company will invest approximately 10 million euros in the Mikkeli factory in 2020. Investment in the Mikkeli factory increases as Mölnlycke aims to have the world’s leading and most efficient production and product development facilities for advanced wound care products.

“We develop the operation of the Mikkeli production facility in a very systematic manner.”

Investor AB, a Wallenberg family investment company that owns Mölnlycke, states on its website that Mölnlycke is capable of reaching solid growth, results and cash flow.

In 2017, the City of Mikkeli constructed 2,300 square metres of new storage space for the company, increasing the total area of the factory’s storage facilities to 20,000 square metres. The city and the company have concluded an eight-year lease agreement for the facilities.

“Our cooperation with the City of Mikkeli has been seamless.”

The construction of a new production clean room is underway in the old storage facility which was freed as a result of completing the new 15-metre-high storage facility that can house up to 5,000 pallets.

“Our know-how and attitude at the Mikkeli factory have inspired confidence in us at the company headquarters in Gothenburg. Our products are not the easiest ones to manufacture, but we have proved our efficiency. Our vision for 2020 is to be the world’s leading and most efficient production and product development facility for advanced wound care products,” Saahko states.

About Mölnlycke
Gothenburg-based Mölnlycke Health Care manufactures wound care and surgical products in Mikkeli. The company operates in 90 countries and employs 7,500 people worldwide.

Julkaistu: 18.09.2019