East-Finland’s core traffic goes naturally to Visulahti.

Why not placing your business there?

Itä-Suomen liikennevirrat kohtaavat Visulahdessa

Visulahti is a new business area for trade and logistics

Located by the Finnish national road 5, Visulahti is a place, where most of the eastern Finland’s core traffic passes along. Today, approximately 13.000 vehicles pass by Mikkeli each day, but up to 18.000 vehicles are forecasted in the future.
Visulahti is an excellent location for companies operating in trade and logistics industries. Located just a stone’s throw away from the national road 5,  also near the intersections of national roads 5,13 and 15, Visulahti is also only few kilometres away from the Mikkeli railway terminal.
The new area is readily zoned, municipal infrastructure in place, and ready to be developed.

Strengths of Visulahti

Natural traffic hub

  • Located by the national road 5, also the intersections of national roads 13 and 15 and the Mikkeli railway terminal are only few kilometres away.

Brand new national road

  • Opening in 2020, the newly renovated national road 5 offers 2+2 lanes, higher speeds and added safety.

Zoned area, ready to be developed

  • The area is zoned, municipal infrastructure ready, with above-standard electrical grid availability

Truckers workday

  • Honouring Finnish law, a truck driver is able to load, drive to Helsinki, unload, re-load and drive back to Mikkeli in one working day. See the accessibility map above!

Newly renovated national road 5 creates new opportunities for businesses in trade and logistics industries. During 10 year period, the city of Mikkeli, state and companies together invest almost 150 million euros to developing logistics.

Join us to create new. Join Mikkeli.

We offer

Up to 35% public investment aid

Up to 35% public aid as EU1 rural area.

Driver education in Mikkeli, 800x800px icon

Continuous driver training in Mikkeli, by South Savo vocational college ESEDU

Maintenance network 800x800

Readily-placed, professional maintenance network (see companies already located in Mikkeli below)

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