Nordic Generation Oy leases a solar power area from the City of Mikkeli

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Solar power plant investment moves forward in Mikkeli: Nordic Generation Oy leases a solar power area from the City of Mikkeli. The leased area enables constructing a power plant of up to 100 MW. The Suursuo power plant could generate electricity as early as 2026.

The City of Mikkeli and Nordic Generation Oy have entered into a land lease agreement which enables the implementation of a large-scale solar energy investment. The city has made an official land lease decision. The parties will sign the lease agreement after the appeal period has expired.

The area leased is close to 130 hectares and is located some 18 kilometres north-east of the city centre on a land owned by the City of Mikkeli.

The Suursuo power plant could generate electricity as early as 2026, says Marko Salmela, CEO of Nordic Generation Oy. How the solar panel solutions will be implemented is under planning. Also, the environmental and nature studies required for consents are underway.

– We can build a power plant up to 100 MW in the leased area. We will know the final scope of the project as planning goes forward. Furthermore, we are interested in leasing more land from other landowners. Electricity transmission capacity is well available in the area as both Fingrid’s transmission grid and Visulahti substation are relatively close, explains Salmela.

– The City of Mikkeli will lease the area for 45 years. The leased area is partly a swamp area and we have assessed the importance of the area for forestry as negligible, says Topiantti Äikäs, Director of land use and planning of the City of Mikkeli.

Several solar power projects have started after suitable land was found in Mikkeli area last year. Professionals from the development company of the City of Mikkeli, Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd. played a part in identifying suitable sites for solar power, marketing the sites to solar power companies, and helping the companies to move forward.

– This project increases the role of the Mikkeli region as a nationally significant producer of solar energy and will help new electricity-intensive businesses to locate in the region, says Jussi Heinimö, Programme Director at Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd.

The Mikkeli region has plenty of areas suitable for solar power production. The main power grid that runs through the city allows solar power plants and other electricity-intensive businesses to connect to the grid.

Further information

Marko Salmela, CEO
Nordic Generation Oy
Tel. +358 400 164 981

Topiantti Äikäs, Director of Land Use and Planning
City of Mikkeli
Tel. +358 40 129 5152

Jussi Heinimö, Programme Director
Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd
Tel. +358 40 5440 936

Nordic Generation Oy is a Finnish company established in 2022, focusing on the development and project execution of wind and solar energy projects. For this project Nordic Generation Oy has established a separate company called Mikkeli S SPC Oy based in Mikkeli.

Nordic Generation Oy is owned by Nordic Generation Limited of the UK, which is cooperating with Octopus Energy Generation. Octopus is one of the largest European investors in renewable energy.

Nordic Generation focuses on the Finnish market where the company has implemented wind farm projects since 2021. The company aims to invest in renewable energy in a way that benefits responsible consumers, communities, and investors to improve the living environment.

Read more: nordicgeneration.com

Julkaistu: 25.01.2024