Fujitsu established a centre of excellence for information management in Mikkeli

Väkeä Fujitsu Finland Oy:n Mikkelin osaamiskeskuksessa
The new centre of excellence will recruit dozens of experts.

Helsinki, 21 December 2017.

Fujitsu Finland Oy will establish a centre of excellence in Mikkeli with the aim to support and promote Fujitsu’s information management projects in Finland and Europe. Information management plays a central role when companies and organisations renew their operating models as part of the digital transformation. One of Fujitsu’s essential objectives is the improvement of productivity.

The Mikkeli centre of excellence is part of Fujitsu’s centre of excellence for document and content management which will employ approximately one hundred experts in Finland and other European countries and whose establishment was announced earlier in November.

Mikkeli’s new centre of excellence will operate on the campus of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, and it will engage in close collaboration with the City of Mikkeli and Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd. Fujitsu’s current employees in the Southern Savonia region will transfer to the new premises. A large part of the personnel needs will be filled through recruitment. The recruitment of ICT professionals specialised in information management and digital archiving will commence in early 2018, and the centre of excellence has dozens of vacancies for suitable experts.

The criteria for selecting Mikkeli as the location of Fujitsu’s new office included the multi-annual cooperation brought by the Lupaus development programme and the extensive know-how and partner network available in Mikkeli. In addition, Fujitsu believes that Mikkeli can provide the company with extensive know-how in electronic transaction services and digital archiving. The location of the new Fujitsu office on the campus of the university of applied sciences also supports cooperation in education. The future cooperation will have direct benefits as electronic transaction services and digital archiving are among the specialisations of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

“Finland is a trailblazer in electronic transaction services, and Fujitsu has been very active in the development of the field’s solutions. In particular, Finland’s public administration and financial sector have long traditions in information management. The centre of excellence in Mikkeli and our cooperation with Fujitsu’s Finnish partners will enable us to provide better services for our customers. In addition, our aim is to spread the good practices throughout Europe,” states Mauri Mikkonen, Director of Fujitsu’s information management business operations in the Nordic countries.

“Information management and electronic transaction services are particularly valuable to citizens as they navigate the jungle of public administration services. That is exactly what we aim to develop at the new centre of excellence. We have already received several years of good experiences of cooperating with the City of Mikkeli through the Lupaus development programme. Fujitsu’s CaseM solution has enabled Mikkeli to achieve remarkable time savings and environmental benefits. Encouraged by our positive experiences, we wish to build a new, significant centre of excellence in Mikkeli,” comments Simo Leisti, Managing Director at Fujitsu Finland.

“We selected digital information management as one of the priority areas of development in the Mikkeli region already in 2005. As a result of our determined operations in Mikkeli and the region of Southern Savonia, we have been able to establish, for example, a modern archiving and library expertise and service centre that focuses on the development of digital information management and archiving,” states Juha Ropponen, Development Director at Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd.

“Mikkeli has an excellent competence base for developing the centre of excellence as the education at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) has a strong emphasis on digital skills. Jointly with the University of Helsinki and the National Library of Finland, XAMK has established Digitalia, Research Centre on Digital Information Management. XAMK is the only higher education institution in Finland that offers a Master’s degree programme in electronic transaction services and digital archiving,” says Timo Halonen, Mayor of the City of Mikkeli.

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