ENCIRCLE - EuropeaN Cbrn Innovation for the market ClustEr

ENCIRCLE is a 4-year project designated to improve competitiveness and procurement of CBRNe technologies for the advantage of both European CBRNe industry and practitioners. The project results are enabled and promoted in two main channels: 1) via webportal, the Dynamic Cataloque, of available tools and technologies facilitating technologies integration and standardization for SMEs and industries, for various market segments and different categories of users and 2) by providing support to the European Commission in identifying research gaps and proposing means to fill them.

ENCIRCLE has 15 partners. Coordinator is Universite catholique de Louvain, Centre for Applied Molecular Technologies &BE-Defence.

ENCIRCLE project is funded by the European Commission , Horizon 2020

Manager of Funding, Anitta Sihvonen
tel. +358 44 794 2767