Be proudly ecocentric in EcoSairila

Astu kiertotalouden kasvupolulle EcoSairilaan

EcoSairila is a new centre for blue and green economy

Climate change, water scarcity and environmental degradation are the global challenges of our time. EcoSairila provides solutions for these global challenges, new innovations and business opportunities.
By opening up the public infrastructure, we welcome private businesses to innovate and develop new solutions for future challenges.

Come and take advantage of a 100 million euro investment.

Modern wastewater plant based on MBR technology

  • Purified water available at any quality level you like
  • Free industrial wastewater capacity
  • Real-scale research made possible

Biogas plant

  • High biogas availability, along with gas production side products
  • Capacity to utilise biowaste

Modern testbeds

  • Crank up the research cycle by using our full-scale testbeds, including water purification and stormwater treatment

100 hectares of industrial space

  • Zoned, roads and public infrastructure almost ready

In EcoSairila, the blue and the green circular economy are intertwined to form an holistic, circular economy, development platform. We close all the loops and bring together an extensive group of companies specializing in the circular economy, as well as R&D organizations studying new technologies and business models.

Research partners already in Mikkeli

LUT-university Department of Green Chemistry

XAMK Mikpolis-laboratories

XAMK laboratory of environmental technology

Contact us

Panu Jouhkimo

Tel. +358 (0)44 598 6854

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