TOXI TRIAGE - Tools for detection, traceability, triage and individual monitoring of victims

The TOXI-triage project addresses the operational, technological, ethical and societal dimensions of CBRN response and recovery, as well as the economic base from which sustainable CBRN and multiuse systems can be derived. The approach defines a concept of operations that envisages accelerated delivery of situational awareness through an ensemble of embedded sensors, drones, standoff detectors (including cameras), artificial intelligence for processing sensor signals and web-traffic from social media, and centralised command and control. Wireless traceability of casualties provides dynamic mapping, including medical care.

Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd is working with the South Savo Rescue Department as a partner in the project.

2015-2019: 18 partners/4 taskforces/9 work packages/45 deliverables/42 milestones/ €12,000,000

The TOXI-triage project is funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020.

Programme Coordinator, Heikki Silvennoinen
tel. +358 440 361628