Here in Mikkeli and South Savo, we have a unique environment, best-in-class security expertise and state-of-the-art technologies for contemporary security challenges.

Let’s tell the world about it!


Practical, everyday security is not just about defending against military threats and terrorism and taking measures to protect our critical infrastructure. It is also about practical work to take care of everyday safety and security, mitigate risks and safeguard our operating environment and immediate surroundings from current dangers. Forests, water and food face many safety and security threats in the modern world, including chemical, biological and radiation risks and threats. 

The interplay of expertise in environmental and water technology with security is one of the critical assets. Similarly, product and service innovations and expertise in the food sector are very important for overall security.

This project is an excellent opportunity to develop and offer new tourism services with the aim of enriching and strengthening the region’s already diverse tourism offering with high-profile expert tourism. Mikkeli’s historic position as the Headquarters City during the wars offers a historic environment and depth for consideration and for addressing currently evolving security situations, with perspectives and concrete targets for the future.

What it is all about

To reinforce and promote the overall security of different societies, it is necessary to recognise and identify roles and functional structures, co-operative modalities and collaborative practices. A wide range of different training courses and exercises are on offer globally. However, there are very few opportunities for visitors to familiarise themselves with the actual realities, and how national, regional and local entities take care of security and put policies into practice. 

International security markets have a clear need for comprehensive packages of programmes, including travel, accommodation and related services to enable groups of high-level visitors to familiarise themselves with the practical aspects of creating and implementing security solutions. 

Mikkeli as a city and South Savo as a region are taking a leading role in implementing national strategies for comprehensive security. We are inviting high-level experts and decision-makers in various areas of security to see and experience how everyday security is assured. The secure society, based on trust and trustworthiness, is becoming an important sector for Finnish export initiatives, providing a wide range of opportunities for Finnish security operatives.

How we are doing it:

The project is divided into three work phases. The project work is based on inclusive communal development work, as strong regional ownership of this concept is an important factor in the overall success of the project. The project will be carried out at a rapid pace until the end of 2017.

1 The first phase encompasses building a concept and operating model to suit international markets. Systematic development work and contact with various key bodies will be essential for this.

2 The second phase consists of developing three basic programme packages for international markets. These basic packages will be productised at the pilot level, and they will be marketed to potential customers.

3 The third phase involves visits by at least two international expert groups, and using these to draft comprehensive learning reports to enable the impact of the activities to be evaluated and continuously developed.

Why Finland?

As a Western European, militarily non-aligned country based on open and transparent governance, Finland has a superb opportunity to demonstrate its diverse achievements and expertise to international expert groups. Present-day challenges also include hybrid and cyber threats, recognising the complexity of such threats, and developing new types of response. Finland also has internationally interesting and unique expertise to offer in these areas.

Why Mikkeli?

As a city, Mikkeli holds a strong position in the realms of national defence and emergency activities. Mikkeli is also home to several important internationally-oriented Finnish companies operating in the security sector, and the institutes of higher education and universities located in the city are also important in this work. 

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