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In Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd, our objective is to help businesses to establish in Mikkeli as quickly and easily as possible. Our service is aimed at all new and existing entrepreneurs who are considering moving to Mikkeli or are looking for a suitable place for their business in the area.

We help businesses to gather all the information they need in decision-making. We are assisted by the Enterprise Finland network, which includes several key private and public service providers.

We act as public authority in marketing industrial plots and properties in Mikkeli and nearby municipalities. For private industrial estate clients, we offer digital marketing channels to ensure best visibility – and availability alike.

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Six attraction factors for Mikkeli region

Relative to its size, Mikkeli has a large student population that provides an educated workforce and a solid foundation for increasing skills. Almost 10% of the city’s residents are students.

Logistical location
Mikkeli is the central city of the South Savo region and is logistically well located at the intersection of highways 5,13 and 15. A significant part of the core traffic in eastern Finland passes through Mikkeli.

Business subsidies
Mikkeli receives the highest level of EU I support in southern Finland. The maximum level of business investment aid is 35%, a whopping 30% more than i.e. the Finnish capital area has to offer.

Quality of life
In Mikkeli, simple things can be achieved, such as owning your own home debt-free, having a summer cabin by the lake and having leisure time for family and hobbies.

Fixed costs under control
The cost of an office or production facilities in Mikkeli is only 40% of the cost in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Here business lifecycle and operating costs are also kept under control.

Time for living
Living in Mikkeli and spending summers on the shores of Lake Saimaa offer a completely different way of life compared to the capital region. Picture a jetty for swimming, a summer cabin, a sauna with a wood burning stove, a barbecue, a boat and a fishing rod… choose your own way of living.

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