Industrial Hackathon 11/24-25

New Hackathon at Casemet Oy coming! Sign up now.

Dear Hackmakers!

We are proud to introduce The Next Big Hackathon in the serie of Industrial Hackathons.

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Casemet Oy is a medium-sized company, producing metal enclosing solutions, sheet steel products and subcontract manufacturing of electro mechanic assemblies, and it employs ca 140 persons in Mikkeli.

Casemet invites now all business and technical students and startups to participate in a 24 h Hackathon competition on 24.-25.11.2017. The task is to help Casemet develop their processes processes and practises. The Hackathon will take place in Casemet premises, Insinöörinkatu 1, Mikkeli, Finland. 

Casemet relies very much on process- and IT development, and offers the participants some real-life challenges in areas of logistics, sales/production -communication and capacity management. The challenges will be prevealed as the hackathon starts, on November 24 at 16:00. The hackathon ends on Saturday 25th, at 16:00.

You may participate with or without a team, using the following link to sign up: before November 20.  

Individuals without a team will be organized in teams so this is the place for everybody to make new friends and acquaintances whilst showing your talents in problem solving. You need to bring only your laptop/pad and good spirit, and a sleeping bag and pillow if you want to take a nap. As usual, plenty of food and non-alcohol drinks are provided.

You are most welcome to send this invitation further to developers and hackmakers!                                                                                                                                                                                

PRIZE:  The winners of the Casemet Hack get 1000 euros

Best regards,

Mikkeli Development Miksei Oy

Casemet Oy

South Eastern University of Applied Sciences (XAMK)

Observis Oy

TumaCO2 -project

DigiSyke –project (Hermia Group, Tampere Technical University, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Tampere)

  • Casemet Oy, Insinöörinkatu 1


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