CBRNE capital of Finland

The Finnish Army Headquarters in Mikkeli are very important to the region both economically and in terms of image. Mikkeli is also working to become the CBRNE (chemical, biological, nuclear, radiation and explosives) capital of Finland. Mikkeli is already home to Environics Oy, one of the most respected producers of CBRNE detectors and monitors in the world, and we strive to be the Finnish pioneers in this field.

Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd manages several national-level CBRNE related projects and also participates in EU-level safety and security programmes.

The South Savo Rescue Department has been active in developing and encouraging local CBRNE know-how. In 2014 the Rescue Department led the collaboration in South Savo to create a situation awareness service and information channel for both public authorities and private citizens. At the moment the Rescue Department and Miksei are heading several CBRNE projects aimed at increasing know-how in this field.

Mikkeli is also home to CBRNE Finland, a group of companies representing Finnish CBRNE expertise. Miksei is supporting their joint product development and marketing activities.

TOXI TRIAGE is an example of a practical international CBRNE related project.